Anne Brennagh, Photographer

About Me

My name is Anne; I am a creative photographer specializing in lifestyle and nature photography. I began my journey in photography in 1997, learning the art of film imagery. As a film educated photographer with a creative photography diploma from Humber College,  I love the artistry of this beautiful craft. I find the most powerful images are created with patience and love. As I have transitioned from film to digital, my principals remain the same.


My true passions are Nature and lifestyle portraiture. I find magic in the unscripted moments in life.


Nature is where my spirit soars. I am humbled by the grace and power of this beautiful earth and hope to share what my soul sees with others through my nature pieces.


Lifestyle portraiture, both outdoor and in studio, excites my soul. There is a depth to seeing someone in the truth of their own expression. In portraiture people get to be exactly who they want and that shows the extraordinary diversity that makes uniqueness so incredible.  I find great happiness in working with children. It is beautiful to follow a infant or child as they play. This is where their innocence and joy illuminates and I am able to capture those moments of bliss. Children are pure love and light and to be surrounded in that is breathtaking.


As a photographer my desire is to create what truly makes my clients spirit shine. My purpose is to show the love and energy that flows so effortlessly through us all. In that love the most magnificent images are found.

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